June has been deemed "Entertainment Ratings and Labeling Awareness Month" by the lot of entertainment trade groups out there (did you know they are all part of a bigger group called The Coalition of Entertainment Retail Trade Associations, or CERTA?). As enforcers of the MPAA's film ratings, The National Association of Theatre Owners joins representative organizations for video games, DVDs, CDs and digital media in the campaign, which aims to keep parents and guardians familiar with the restrictive systems of categorizing different entertainment products.

CERTA has chosen June for its campaign for the third year in a row. The month is considered a good time to keep the awareness high because many kids get out of school in June and presumedly begin a summertime of increased entertainment consumption. I assume it is also because they have an increased amount of time unsupervised (wait, are kids ever supervised these days?). Either way, it is unfortunate that kids aren't instead increasing their outdoor activities. I guess in a perfect world, the group would choose April because of the increase in rainy Saturdays. But in a perfect world, I guess we wouldn't need to shelter our kids with ratings anyway.