William Shatner plans to end global conflict, one horse at a time.  The retired Trekkie is trying to raise $10,000,000 for a riding program in Israel in hopes of uniting Palestinians and Israelis.  The space nut is basing his resolution theory on the work he does with Ahead for Horses, an LA charity that helps disabled children.  Shatner explained the process by saying, "we know that the use of a horse in their therapy takes them beyond their handicapped body, their injured body, and into another area of health."  Not to be insensitive, but I'm pretty sure that the handicapped children of the Middle East aren't the principal players behind the decades-long conflict.  So, come on Nasrallah and Katsav, everyone jump upon the peace horse!  Ooh-ahh-ee-ahh-oooh-aah, come on now peace horse. 

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