Ok, so everyone in the US who wanted to see Johnnie To'sElection already has a region-free DVD player and the disc from Hong Kong. Me too -- but the thought of it actually getting distribution here remains pretty exciting, if only because it's a sign of respect for the film and maybe, just maybe, a hint that more quality from HK and its sister Asian indistustries will find its way to American screens. No, you're right -- I'm dreaming. Still, though, the news that Tartan has stepped up and acquired US distribution rights to not only Election but also its sequel (which reportedly had a very successful screening at Cannes) is heartening to fans of quality Asian films. I mean, when is it NOT better to see a movie on the big screen?

That said, it's unclear whether Tartan's plans for Election include a theatrical run or only a DVD release. The company does, however, fully intend to get Election 2 into theaters later this year, a run that will be supported (they say) by "a strong publicity campaign."

[via Kaiju Shakedown]
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