Remember when Warner Brothers had that big launch for their upcoming fantasy novel flick Eragon? That's okay, nobody does. And apparently it went down sometime when nobody was looking. Never fear, Eragon fans -- Warner Brothers has rushed to the rescue and relaunched the official Eragon website, allowing them to declare a second official launch! This time, however, the site actually has some stuff on it, making it much more worth the look this time around. You can find some pretty wallpaper offering a look at the cast in full costume (something we haven't yet seen), as well as some throw-away junk like AIM buddy icons and free cell phone wallpaper. I can feel your excitement from here. There is also a rather handy little story summary for those of you unfamiliar with the novels, and a lexicon of terms which offers pronunciation on some of the more tricky names you may encounter. I suppose this might be useful if we didn't have the movie to speak them out loud to us. If you are a fan of the story you might enjoy the freebies, and if you don't know the story you might enjoy the summary. So ... check it out.

Oh, and the film launches this December, in case you were curious.