If you are like me (and I'll bet you are), you really enjoy a good special edition DVD. You'll shell out some extra cash for a fancy looking box, some special inserts, and several discs worth of special features -- and you'll enjoy every minute of it.

That was fun, let's try another: If you are like me (and I'll bet you are), you really, really love Indiana Jones. You probably own the boxed set DVDs, and you wish they'd done a bit more to gussy 'em up before they sold them to you -- but it's Indy and you won't complain much.

One more time, for the win! If you are like me (and I'll bet you are), you'd be rather disappointed to learn they did gussy 'em up quite a bit more, but then decided to back out on the fancy deal and give you the simpler version instead. And according to Indy fansite Throw Me the Idol, that's exactly what happened. You can snag a quick glance at the planned packaging here; it was to be a leather bound box with two large trade paperbacks and several CDs worth of John Williams' scoring. The DVDs also planned to include additional deleted scenes and making of docs for each of the three films.

Yeah, I know. You are now looking at your piddly little boxed set with scorn and contempt, once again hating George Lucas and his fan-destroying DVD marketing. I wouldn't fret if I were you, though, this set has double-dipping all OVER it, which means you'll probably be able to pay another large chunk of cash for what you should have been able to buy the first time around.
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