So, apparently Mike Myers has created a new character. His name is Pitka, he's a new-age guru, and his personal mantra is "Mariska Hargitay." And no, I'm not making him up. According to Variety, Mr. Pitka (Or maybe he's a one-name guru? The Pele of the guru world, if you will.) is going to be the focus of a new, untitled movie that Myers is in talk to make for Paramount. Assuming the deal goes through, Myers himself will star in the picture, as well and producing and co-writing it. The movie will not, however, be the first public look at Pitka -- he made appearances in Myer's recent series of stage shows, and clearly road-tested well enough to lead Myers to believe he can carry a movie.

Here's my concern about this project: While I'm perfectly willing to believe that Pitka is funny (Did I mention that he wears assless chap?), if Myers is going to beat him mercilessly when he's dead and, say, draw him out into three, increasingly unfunny movies, I'd almost rather he didn't start. Well hell, who knows: Maybe Paramount will be the first studio ever to make only one movie about a funny character, no matter how much money it makes. No, really. (And I almost typed that with a straight face.)
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