I promise we'll get off this whole "will there be another sequel in the X-Men franchise" issue soon, but important people keep commenting and inquiring minds want to know. After all, X-Men: The Last Stand has blown the doors of the box office, and everyone knows this means sequel in Hollywood, land where the Buck is King. Another nail has been driven into the sequel coffin today, however, as Fox seems adamant in their "this is only a trilogy" stance. This time, we get word straight from the mouth of producer Ralph Winter, who is of course exceedingly happy with his film's opening performance. Winter gets right to the heart of the issue, bypassing all that "the story is complete with this film" nonsense to admit the real problem with sequel potential: "This is the last movie of this type. There might be spin-offs, but it would be hard to gather this cast or a bigger one for another movie of this size."

Therein lies the problems, my friends. Even if Fox wanted to put together another sequel, the cast of stars is no doubt getting more and more pricey to re-unite with every new success. Yes, the films are blockbusters and earning money like nobody's business, but there is always a line where cost outweighs benefits -- and the X-Men cast may be rapidly approaching the line.
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