Movie marketers and studio execs are seeking deals with unconventional brands for their summer blockbuster movie tie-ins -- because if you can't make money the conventional way, hey, try something new. The latest tack involves trying to reach niche markets with partners like State Farm, Goodyear, and Energizer, versus using traditional cross-marketing brands like McDonald's and General Mills (with all their attendant bad press of promoting childhood obesity). Disney/Pixar's Cars has lined up 17 promotional partners "for what is being described as the biggest and broadest campaign in Disney history." With TV, the Internet, music and video games vying for all of our attention and cash, movie studios are trying to expand their branding and cross-marketing concepts -- and Disney's approach of insurance and tires instead of cereal and fries is definitely that.. As we reported before, Universal Pictures teamed up with Budweiser and MasterCard for The Break-Up, which opens this Friday. Budweiser features a site that hosts a National Break-Up Day, while MasterCard is promoting a special edition Zagat guide with ideal restaurants for break-ups in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles. And maybe you didn't notice (I sure didn't), but Warner Bros. set up a tie-in with Ike Behar shirts, which were worn by Poseidon stars Josh Lucas and Kurt Russell in the movie. They ran co-branded print ads in magazines and in select department stores like Nordstrom -- so now you know what to wear for your next rogue wave!