So, it's official: Sarah Jessica Parker has accepted her fate and will no longer be trying to escape her romantic comedy box. Sorry for confusing you, movie-goers -- from now on, she'll just be playing variations on Carrie Bradshaw. And, if A Family Affair is any indication of the quality of the stories she got in mind, it's going to get really old, really fast.

According to Variety, SJP is attached to the film, a spec script by Sahara Lotti recently picked up by New Line. Make sure you're not drinking anything, because you'll totally spit it all over your keyboard when you hear this hi-larious premise. Ready? Parker's character is a real estate agent who "has an affair with a distinguished older man. After becoming engaged to someone else and heading off to meet her fiance's family, she discovers her future father-in-law was her bedmate." Oh ho ho, that's rich! Imagine the potential! Awkwardness! Misunderstandings! Why, it's comedy gold! Or at least it was the first 7000 times it was done in movies, sitcoms, and on stage. And, maybe while we're waiting for this iteration to go into production, the storyline will be done a few more times, just to get us really primed to laugh. Yippee.
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