Avi Arad has overseen some great moments in Marvel history. The company's guru has been the main man in the comic book to film push for Marvel, and has done an impressive job in spinning success for Marvel films. Apparently he has really enjoyed himself in the business ... perhaps a little too much. In a huge announcement within the industry, Avi Arad has announced he will be stepping down from his position with Marvel Films to open an independent production company. Surprise surprise, the company (cleverly named Avi Arad Productions) will be handling a number of upcoming Marvel films, most notably the very anticipated Iron Man flick. Other executives from within Marvel will be stepping up to take over Arad's responsibilities when he formally departs; although he plans to stay on as a creative adviser or some such for a while yet.

It's got to be an exciting move for Arad, and he's got a great built-in partner with Marvel, a company that has turned out some serious blockbusters this decade. His departure is certainly a loss for Marvel as a company, however, as the man has been of tremendous value to the cowman in his years of service. It'll be interesting to see what other films he picks up in addition to the Marvel slate.
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