A short while ago actor Ian McKellen indicated he would very much like to reprise his role as super-villain Magneto in the planned prequel for Marvel films. He referenced the studio's ability to retro-age his appearance as seen in the Jean Grey recruitment scene from X-Men: The Last Stand. While the concept met with general nods of approval from fans (Ian McKellen is rather awesome, after all) there was general consensus that it'd probably be a silly decision to make, and most everyone expected a younger actor to be cast.

The studio may have pulled a "not so fast" moment on all of us, however, according to visual effects supervisor John Bruno. A tipster who claims to have chatted with Bruno recently told Superhero Hype that Bruno confirmed Ian McKellen as the Magneto in the prequel, utilizing the same cinematic magic (and the same company) which de-aged the actor for X3. McKellen is reportedly "very happy" with this development. He has certainly created the film version of the character with his powerful performances, and it is difficult to imagine anyone else performing up to his level; but at the same time it is difficult to imagine Ian McKellen playing a significantly younger version of himself. I guess we'll wait and see for now.
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