Milla Jovovich blames her propensity for being cast in sci-fi flicks on the fact that she has an odd name.  The Fifth Element star claims that American directors get so confused by her foreign name that they automatically typecast her as either an alien or a superhero, (um, hello, Ultraviolet is like totally a vampire).  I suspect Milla's pigeonhole issues may have something to do with the fact that she continues to accept starring roles in the Resident Evil Franchise.   And really, are we now counting Joan of Arc as a superhero?  She didn't exactly ascend from the burning stake with the power to shoot fireballs from her wrists. 

Not six days old and already lil' Shiloh has her own website.  Angelina Jolie snapped up before Wilmer Valderrama some deranged pervert could do something unsavory with her web namesake.   And not a minute too soon!  Tom and Katie didn't move fast enough and now there is a giant clock at counting down the seconds until 'lil Suri becomes "of age".  Ew. 


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