Hey, we're not the only ones covering the Seattle International Film Festival. Lots of other folks are here too. Here's a round-up of what other sites are saying about what's happening around SIFF:

  • The Stranger has reviews of Japanese drama The Hidden Bladeby film critic and Police Beat scribe Charles Mudede, and Annie Wagner reviews Snow Cake, which I'll be getting to next week.
  • Greg Dunlap from Cineblog has a write-up on Princess Raccoonposted over on the NW Source blog, and has a nice summary of other SIFF bloggers, including Ken Rudolph, who drove up from L.A. to spend six weeks watching an amazing 120 films! Now that's a film lover. Greg also throws some love Cinematical's direction (well, he mentioned we're there, anyhow, so thanks for the shout-out, Greg!)
  • Jake Ludington at Hollywood Reviews dropped a line to let us know about all the awesome interviews with directors at SIFF he has up. Jake has interviews up with Kirby Dick (This Film is Not Yet Rated), Will Becton (aka Tommy Chong), Merl Reagle (Wordplay), and Neil Burger (The Illusionist). Jake also writes up one of my fave films from Sundance, 13 (Tzameti), and as he notes, if you haven't seen it, go. If you're hanging in Seattle, it screens on Friday at 9:30.  Jake also gets a peek at the contents of the VIP Opening Night Gala swag (which I, being very much NOT a VIP, was sadly not gifted with). The gift bag included a bottle of Bombay Sapphire (booyah!) and Starbucks Coffee for that post-Bombay hangover. Very cool stuff, Jake.
  • There's a SIFF photo pool going on over at Flickr (started by SIFF-goer Roya), including the one above right, which is a shot of the sign at Atlas Clothing Co, located conveniently on Capitol Hill near two SIFF venues, The Egptian and Broadway Performance Hall. Check out the Flickr group, and if you're attending the fest and snapping pics, upload away.
  • And last (but most certainly not least), one of my fave websites for all things cultural in Seattle, Three Imaginary Girls, has a SIFF preview up by imaginary boy embracey. The girls (and their boy) are witty, clever, and they have cool pink matchbooks in the Hospitality Suite.

If you're in Seattle and blogging about SIFF, drop me a line at kim.voynar@cinematical.com . I'll be doing more round-ups throughout the fest. Off to see The King (starring Gael Garcia Bernal and his cheekbones). I have some cool interviews and more film reviews coming up, so check back often!

(Ed.'s Note: Greg from Cineblog is Greg Dunlap, not Greg Nelson. Apologies, Greg.)

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