Yes my friends, it's true. We are drawing close to the start of Fantastic Four 2, which is probably good since we're now nearing the end of X-Men 3news. Yours truly personally loves the Four even more than the X, and is desperate for a worthwhile film this time around. Jessica Alba says filming starts in August, and she shares a few plot details as well. According to Alba the film will deal with the Four discovering they are not the only ones who have inherited super powers (how they've lived in the Marvel universe for more than 5 seconds without realizing this is beyond me, but whatever). Alba also confirms the existence of the Silver Surfer as both hero and villain, which certainly means Galactus is waiting on the horizon for possible sequel opportunities. She further said another villain will enter the picture, and her character (Sue Storm, the Invisible Woman) will find herself in a love triangle. As a final thought, she offers the tease of her character using some manner of ability that hasn't been disclosed yet.

Okay, new villain and Invisible Woman love triangle? I don't know about you, but this certainly sounds like the Atlantian to me. Good old Namor was once hopeful of getting his own flick ... maybe they're using this to test the waters (ha-ha)? It would make perfect sense to introduce him via the Four, as he has a long and rich history with title. Who wants to bet (if he is in fact in the movie) he ends up helping the Four despite his desire not to, and he and Reed are forced to grudgingly respect each other and shake hands?
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