For as long as Michael Moore has been making documentaries, he has been criticized for manipulating footage and distorting facts. Now his filmmaking practices are biting him in the ass, as he's being sued for one such misrepresentation in his 2004 Cannes-winner Fahrenheit 9/11. Sgt Peter Damon is an Iraq War veteran who appeared in the documentary by way of an interview he did with NBC's Nightly News. He was never asked for consent (it wasn't legally necessary). Because his character was inaccurately used and his beliefs wrongly represented as being anti-war, Damon is suing Moore and Miramax Film Corp. for $75 million. His wife is also suing for another $10 million because of the emotional distress caused by her husband's emotional distress.

Good for them. Usually I think lawsuits like these are a bit over the top, and the amounts asked for are a little too high, but I am happy to see Moore called out on his shifty use of editing to illustrate his points. I'd like to sue him for badly representing liberals, myself. And, while I'm at it, for badly representing non-fiction filmmaking, too.  Unfortunately I'm not really emotionally distressed by his work -- a little embarrassed, but not enough that any judge would grant me any damages.
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