Odds and ends from Wednesday:

  • Columbia Pictures has pre-emptively snatched up the spec script Jack and Jill as a possible starring vehicle for Adam Sandler. As of right now, the actor is only producing the pic through his Sony-based Happy Madison banner (appropriately named after the two films that made him). However, since he is involved in some capacity, it's only right to hype his possible involvement in front of the camera. The story is being under double secret probation right now, but is said to have something to do with fraternal twins.
  • Call me crazy but I've never been a big Todd Phillips fan. While Road Trip and Old School definitely had their high points, I've heard too many bad stories about the guy, so much so that they have tainted my view of his films. Nevertheless, the guy does know how to direct a successful commercial comedy and, according to Variety, Warner Brothers has tapped him to helm Men. Pic, which will be an Americanized version of the German 80's comedy, will tell of a man who becomes roommates with the guy his wife is having an affair with. Seeing as Phillips already has two films in pre-production (one of them being Old School 2), I'm curious to watch him pull it all off.
  • After shoving out a direct-to-dvd sequel, the folks behind Starship Troopers are now looking to produce a third installment of the cult hit. However, this time they want to go back to where it all began and, not only create a film much like the first, but also use some of the original talent. Yes folks, Casper Van Dien said he's involved and will be reprising the role of Johnny Rico. Killer awesome! Not for nothing Casper, but upon your return to the alien planet, perhaps you should try and find the acting career you accidentally left there the last time.
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