Brett Ratner is promising fans a fantastic special edition DVD, even though The Last Stand has only been in theaters for a week. Of course, in the fast world of DVD production it's never to early to get moving, so it makes sense plans are already in place. For the sake of this post alone let us put aside all arguments of how good or terrible the film was, and instead simply focus on the details of what Ratner is offering us -- because frankly, it sounds good. And if you thought the movie was crap odds are you won't be buying the DVD anyway, so it is a non-issue.

Ratner has said the disc will include a full length behind the scenes documentary (not particularly unusual but always a nice feature) filmed by Ratner himself. It's not a press kit put together by studio grunts or a production feature made for a TV debut; it's just Ratner with his camera showing us anything he thinks is cool. According to the director the documentary itself weighs in at a hefty two hours, which means a double DVD special edition, something I always personally enjoy. Of course, I'm a big fan of "making of" features, so this is right up my alley. Ratner promises the DVD will be "mind blowing," but no other real features have been discussed to this point. Here's hoping its as impressive as he makes it sound.