A couple of weeks ago when Sean Bean was cast in A Woman of No Importance, I mentioned how nice it was to see him in a non-glowering role, at least on this side of the Atlantic. The guy really got his start as a romantic lead, and has done a lot of great work in the same vein for British TV. Over here, though, ever since Jack Ryan killed his baby brother, it's been hard for him (apart from when he's hobnobbing with hobbits) to play anything but a baddie. And it looks like our Sean actually gets antsy when he's not making somebody's movie life miserable, because he's going back to his villainous Hollywood roots with a doozy: Bean is taking over for Rutger Hauer in the upcoming remake of The Hitcher

A stroll around the internets suggests that, in something of a miracle for a remake, fans are thrilled by this casting news -- hey, if nothing else, Bean's got the same color hair as Hauer, right? What say you, Hitcher fans: Is Bean the right guy to scare the bejesus out of Sophia Bush?
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