Look -- it's a bird, it's a plane, it's ... a Spider-Man 3 teaser swinging in a couple months ahead of schedule. With news of Superman returning early (10:00pm on June 27th, to be exact), it now appears that another superhero will catch a ride with the Man of Steel when he hits theaters later this month.

According to Spider-Man director Sam Raimi, via an excited fan on the set of Spidey 3 in New York, a teaser trailer for the already overly anticipated Spider-Man 3 will play before Superman Returns and not Talladega Nights, as previously rumored. If the information is correct, then look for that bad boy to hit the internet a couple days before Superman's release. However, those of you looking for a sneak peek at Venom will probably have to wait a bit longer since Raimi alluded that the character will not be in the teaser. He did answer a few other Venom-related questions, though they may contain spoilers and I'm not about to go there ... yet.

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