If you read only one interview with Superman Returns screenwriters Dan Harris & Michael Dougherty this year, it simply must be this one from Mike Russell over at In Focus. The very lengthy and exceedingly thorough article has done more to get me psyched for Clark Kent's return than all the trailers and TV spots combined. Despite the fact that these talented little bastards are younger than me, they've already written flicks like Imaginary Heroes, Urban Legends: Bloody Mary, and X2: X-Men United. Plus they also have brand-new adaptations of Ender's Game and Logan's Run in the pipeline, which makes me hate/admire them that much more.

Regarding Superman Returns, the fellas dole out a whole lot of backstage info, while also taking care to avoid spoilers (which is an approach I always appreciate). Topics of conversation include the return of Marlon Brando, their baby's "place" in the Superman movie canon, and former SuperContributors like Max Fleischer, Richard Donner, John Williams, Gene Hackman, Kevin Spacey, and a whole lot more.

Plus the guys have some really ... diplomatic things to say about Superman 3 and Superman 4, whereas I'd just call 'em plain old crap.

[Thanks, Mike]
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