Warner Bros. is going on the cheap: The studio is launching a direct-to-DVD business that will release 10 to 15 low-budget movies a year. The partnership is between Warner Bros. Pictures and Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Group. Though movies made for DVD are typically cheaper to produce and distribute, they face more competition these days from boxed sets of popular TV shows like Lost or 24. One of the ways Warners will try and overcome entertainment overload on the part of consumers built into the plan is to produce prequels and sequels with a built-in audience, such as a sequel to 2005's The Dukes of Hazzard. The movie grossed $80.3 million domestically (which shocks me, people), but it isn't the kind of mega-hit that justifies the costly stars and big production expenses of a regular theatrical release.; the Dukes sequel, for instance, will not have the original cast members Jessica Simpson or Johnny Knoxville. The new DVD division, to be overseen by Warner's production president Jeff Robinov and the president of the studio's home entertainment group, Kevin Tsujihara, will also make and acquire original made-for-DVD movies in a range of genres.