One of the downsides to writing for a movie news website is that you need to be on top of the latest everything. When I was younger and would hear about a really cool-sounding film, I would immediately shut off my ears from any further info. I loved being surprised. Now, there is no surprise. Most likely, I know entire plots before the film even begins shooting. However, it's a small price  to pay -- I love what I do.

In saying all that, a script review (based off Doug Richardson's revision of Mark Bomback's draft) for Die Hard 4.0 has popped up over on AICN and, if the draft Merrick read is current, the movie appears to be quite epic. Look, I love Die Hard (specifically parts 1 and 3). And it really was hard for me to read the entire review because, well, part of me wants to be surprised. In the end, I caved. I ruin films. That's my job. Hehe. Since the recent news that vampire director Les Wisemanhas been tapped to direct Die Hard's fourth installment, everyone has John McClane on the brain. While we knew the plot had something to do with an internet terrorist ring, this review goes into a lot more detail. Without giving up too much (Warning: Depending on how wimpy you are, the following might contain spoilers), Bruce Willis' sidekick in the film will indeed be his son. His computer hacking thief of a son, that is. I shouldn't really say anymore -- cough -- end of the world computer virus and government conspiracies find father and son on the run and trying to save the day at the same time. Damn it! I need to restrain myself more. Sorry. Die Hard 4.0 could begin shooting as early as this September. Yippekayay!

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