I think it's rare to watch raw independent filmmakers slowly push their way into theaters and actually succeed at doing so. I first noticed brothers Jay and Mark Duplass through their shorts, specifically The Intervention. For those of you who haven't seen it, the film is available on their MySpace page along with a few others. The thing that's great about the shorts is, while mixing the perfect blend of comedy and drama, they're all incredibly simple ... yet very complex.

Ultimately, these shorts are what led to their first feature film, The Puffy Chair. After winning an audience award at SXSW, pic hits arthouse theaters across the country this weekend -- and Austin is stoked about it. Variety is now reporting that Brothers Duplass have signed a blind deal (does that mean they can't see it, but need to trust it is there?) with producers Mary Parent and Scott Stuber to write and eventually direct a film. What kind of film? Hell if I know, but seeing as these two producers are behind The Break Up and You, Me and Dupree, there's a good chance we're talking big commercial hit. These boys may soon need to paint that red chair gold. Good for them -- I dig that kind of journey.