At first I thought they were just waiting for people to forget that The Cave ever existed, but the Lionsgate folks have decided they kept The Descent under wraps more than long enough: August 4th, people!

LG looks to be going "wide" with this release, on a weekend that is a fairly crowded one. The brilliant Brit horror flick will have to steal some audience away from The Barnyard, Fearless, The Night Listener, and Will Ferrell's Talladega Nights. Actually ... that's not a bad weekend to release a horror flick, is it? (Plus the late-summer release gives the LG marketing department a little time to come up with some new posters.)

For those who've been lucky enough to avoid my geekish ravings over the past several months, The Descent is about six strong but sexy women who decide to embark on a spelunking expedition, only to discover that they're trespassing in the domain of creatures most unfriendly. Did I mention August 4th?
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