Along with special screenings and events, Austin has a number of independent and foreign films starting week-long runs in theaters this week. Jay and Mark Duplass' film The Puffy Chair, which played at SXSW 2005, opens today at Alamo Downtown and Arbor Great Hills, and Jay Duplass will attend Alamo screenings on Friday and Saturday night. The French thriller District B13 opens at Alamo South Lamar, Arbor, and The Dobie. Ride Around the World, a made-for-IMAX documentary about the international origins and culture of the cowboy, opens Saturday at the Texas State History Museum.
  • The AFS@Dobie collaboration continues this week with three movies: Sophie Scholl: The Final Days and Tibet: A Buddhist Trilogy are being held over for an extended run, and Clean starts this week. Clean stars Maggie Cheung and Nick Nolte in a drama about a musician who must fight her drug addiction in order to regain custody of her young son.
  • BookPeople is donating 5 percent of sales Saturday to The Paramount Theatre. Plus, if you buy something at BookPeople, they'll give you two passes to a Summer Movie Classics film. One catch: You must bring an ad for this special to BookPeople -- tear one out of the Austin Chronicle or bring the Paramount's summer film calendar.
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