If you read what I write with any regularity (God bless you kind souls) you know I've got a real thing for special edition DVDs. I love them, I covet them, and I rejoice every time a studio packages something truly  impressive for me to consume. It is a vice, but it is a vice I take great pleasure in satisfying. Particularly when a film I really like goes the extra mile to provide for me in DVD form. For this reason my heart sung a tune worthy of Old Blue Eyes himself when I heard Sony's plans for a special edition Transformers DVD this winter, commemorating the 20th anniversary of the classic film. We all knew this would be coming when the live-action version started gearing up, but the official announcement has made me one happy boy. And it looks like they're going to put at least some effort into making it a hefty value; we've been promised behind the scenes footage, cast interviews (oh, what a vocal cast that film had), interactive games (these things always suck, don't they?) and yes ... collectible packaging!

Sounds like they are off to a good start, now let's just hope they really put some effort into it instead of throwing together a rush job just to grab some money off eager fanboys like myself. They won't be releasing it until November, which indicates at least some attempt to put some real thought and effort into it. I hope. What other special features would you like to see attached to this DVD?