Yeah, so I dig the Sawmovies. Sue me. But as part of a society that adores American Idol, professional wrestling, and NASCAR, I don't feel all that guilty about enjoying a few crafty little gore flicks. Anyway, Lionsgate and Darren Bousman are just getting their second Saw sequel underway up in Canada, and they were cool enough to drop us a brief but interesting plot synopsis.

Seems Saw 3will deal with a sexy young doctor who finds herself kidnapped and forced to keep ol' Jiggy alive while another poor sap tries to escape from one of the Saw-Man's patented Nasty Dungeons. Good enough for me!

The cast of Saw 3 includes Tobin Bell and Shawnee Smith (of course), as well as newcomers Bahar Soomekh (as sexy doc) and Angus MacFadyen (as poor sap). I still can't find word on if Dina Meyer's coming back, darnit...
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