Odds and ends from Thursday:

  • Have you jumped on the Dane Cook bandwagon yet? No? What are you waiting for -- the guy is totally freaking awesome! Seriously though, his stand-up is spectacular. His acting? Eh, I'm not impressed yet. However, that doesn't stop the man from lining up role after role. His latest pic, Good Luck Chuck, was recently rescued by Lionsgate after New Line left it in development limbo for quite awhile. Story surrounds a self-centered dentist who finds himself in a situation where every girl he meets winds up finding their soul mate after dating him. This lack of commitment thing works out great until he eventually falls in love with one of the women.
  • Universal and Imagine Entertainment have tapped Pete Tong director Michael Dowse to helm Kids in America, with Topher Grace attached to star. Brian Grazer will produce the film which is said to be about a college kid pursuing his dream girl while attending a wild and crazy Labor Day bash. Based on the description, it kind of sounds like Can't Hardly Wait: The College Years. In fact, Topher and Ethan Embry sort of look the same. Oh, I know I'm not the only one who sees it -- admit it people! 
  • And here you thought Vin Diesel had had enough of the Fast and the Furious. Shame on you for thinking the actor would turn down a chance to appear in a sequel to the film that made him. With Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift attracting decent buzz, word is that Vin Diesel is telling people he'll be returning for a fourth installment. Who is he telling? Well, does Latino singer Dom Omar count? Apparently Diesel attended one of the musician's parties and, while probably drunk and stoned off his face, disclosed he was involved in the Fast sequel and asked Omar to get in on the Furious 4 soundtrack. Seriously Vin, please go away -- you're scaring my future children. Thanks.
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