Why is everyone calling Sex and Death 101 "the return of the guy who wrote Heathers," rather than "the return of the guy who wrote Hudson Hawk?"* Come on, people -- let's give Daniel Waters his due! Anyway, back in March we told you about the movie, which revolves around a man receiving "a mysterious e-mail containing the names of every woman he has had sex with and, eerily, every woman he will have sex with in the future." So there, you see, we have the "sex" part of the title -- no idea where the "death" comes in, though. (Personally, since the man is being played by Simon Baker, I'm fervently hoping someone else bites it.)

Since the movie went into production without a female lead, it's a good thing that Waters finally worked his Heathers connections to bring Winona Ryder on-board. Supposedly, she was his one and only target for the role -- Waters says he wrote it her in mind. (Do you think he really did, though? I mean, how often do people pull that line out in an effort to flatter stars into appearing in their movies? "Denzel -- I wrote the part for you! Really! You can totally play fat, old, and white.") Also in the film are Dash Mihok and Boston Legal'sJulie Bowen; release is planned for some time next year.

*There is no sarcasm whatsoever in this statement. I'm going to be buried with a Hudson Hawk DVD.
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