The folks behind the Seattle International Film Festival are always pushing the envelope for ways to make fest more accessbile to more people, because, hey -- SIFF is all about the interaction between film and audience. There are no major deals taking place here, no Paris Hilton running around scantily clad and dancing on tables in the VIP lounge at the Galas, no red carpets or black-tie only premieres. This is Seattle, home of lattes and not-too-sweet chais, umbrellas and comfortable shoes, and this fest is about the films. If you can't be here for the fest (or even if you are here, and just want to check out some cool fest-related stuff), check out the spandy-new SIFFcast website.

Right now, the SIFFcast site has lots of fun trailers, including all the promo trailers for this year's fest (be sure to check out the one on Male Nudity, it's pretty funny), and a couple of interesting short films. There are videos of opening night and the opening weekend Gala that will make you feel like you were right there, too. And coming up, they're going to have all the films from the Fly Filmmaking Challenge, the entries from FutureWave, a showcase of short films by under-18 filmmakers from around the globe, and podcasts of some amazing forums, including one on the future of indie film distribution and financing that you won't want to miss if you're a filmmaker. It's just like being here, only without the long lines in the pouring rain.

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