If you read any comic books, you are well aware of Spider-Man's penchant for taking a beating -- the poor guy gets trashed* more often than just about any other superhero out there. And it's beginning to seem as though Marvel hopes to make this familiar Spider-Man concept a central theme in the newest installment of the film franchise, as villain after villain is lining up to take a shot at the wall crawler in Spider-Man 3. A recent comment made by (now former) Marvel guru Avi Arad has confirmed there will be not two, not three, but yes ... four villains for Peter Parker to contend with, which at least promises an action packed film. In response to a question from If magazine Arad said "Right we have four villains. Pretty soon [we'll reveal the fourth villain] I believe. Maybe around Comic Con we'll reveal something and the madness will begin."

This news dovetails with the weird suggestion of an Aunt May/Carnage double cast ... do we expect to see the fan-popular Carnage now? Heaven only knows how many villains are in the Spider-Man pantheon -- he's fought every manner of bad guy in his career. The Rhino, anyone? At this point why don't they just tack on another two and call it a new version of the Sinister Six?

*Trashed physically, not with alcohol. He mostly leaves that to Tony Stark.
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