The remake of The Omen comes out next week (on 6-6-06, of course), and there's a chance that it will come to your theater with a curse attached to it. John Moore, who directed the new version, spoke to Sci-Fi Wire about mysterious problems he encountered during the making of the film. These problems include ruined footage, difficulty with equipment and, here's the kicker, a computer that kept having a system "error 666" (wouldn't you know, the software is supposed to have no such error?), and Moore thinks that these problems were the result of the same misfortune that affected the first film.

Richard Donner's original was reportedly plagued by a curse, which brought about lightning, mad dogs, a bombing, a car accident, a plane crash and a beheading. I guess the curse got weaker after 30 years. Or maybe the curse couldn't be bothered with a movie that probably won't be as good? Who knows? My guess is that Fox just isn't creative enough to successfully sell the curse angle for marketing purposes and so they gave up on the idea (after messing up the production on purpose, perhaps).

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