The movie download sites are going to have to find new ways to compete, as they aren't going to be duking it out with boasts of who has what studio's films for much longer. Pretty soon both will offer the same movies from all the major distributors. Just one day after Disney announced that it would be releasing its movies on CinemaNow, Warner Bros. has made an announcement that its films will be available on the website, too. Warner Bros. is already selling movie downloads through Movielink, having joined in the original deal announced on April 3, and the studio now joins MGM and Sony as having relationships with both of the sites. Warner's titles, which include TV shows, went on sale today.

Well since I haven't yet gotten a response from yesterday's post, I will assume that either none of our readers has tried CinemaNow or Movielink, or none will admit to being ripped off. Maybe now that the Harry Potter films are available on CinemaNow, a fan may check the site out and report to us about it. Please.

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