There's certainly no "We need time to heal!" thinking going on when it comes to Hurricane Katrina. Both When the Levees Broke, Spike Lee's documentary about the storm and its aftermath, and Wong Kar-Wai'srumored fictional project (which may or may not be shot in New York and may or may not star Adrien Brody) popped up in the news just a few months after the hurricane hit. And today, we have two more: Jette reported this morning about Walking on Dead Fish, and also in the works is an indie picture called Cut Throat City. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the movie "is a heist story that begins in the grimy, decimated Lower Ninth Ward and then hits the road" -- plus, it's got "social relevance." Woo hoo! The film will mark the cinematic debut of music video director Aaron Courseault; New Orleans rappers Baby and Lil Wayne are expected to star.

Depending on the acting skills of its central duo (I though Baby had been in at least one movie before, but he doesn't seem to be listed in the IMDb), this actually might have some potential. It seems to me that a little indie picture is probably the best way to look at post-Katrina New Orleans -- this is a situation where low-budget might be a blessing rather than a curse, because it could lend the movie a convincing sort of grittiness.
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