Now I know what you're thinking after you read that headline, but no, Wesley Snipes will not be playing a member of the African-American Nationalist/Civil Rights group. Neither, in fact, will he be playing an Israeli Mizrahi Jew, a member of the Chinese Rock Band, or British serial killer Donald Neilson. No, the Black Panther we are looking for here is the member of Marvel superhero team The Avengers, and is most notable for being the first African-American superhero in mainstream American comic books. T'Challa (The Panther's real name) is the king of African nation Wakanda, and has been known to spend significant amounts of time with X-Menmember Storm.

Anyway, Snipes recently reminded us of a Black Panther project which has been on the vague rumor horizon for some time now. Snipes told Men's Fitness magazine: "We're actually talking about doing Black Panther -- he was the first African American superhero. He was around before Blade. He's the original. We've already done a lot of work on it. We hope to have a director soon."

If this happens, we can add it to the crazy number of Avengers titles on the horizon -- we've got Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, more Incredible Hulk, and even a silly old Ant Man picture on the way. If all these titles actually fall into place under the new Marvel war chest we are looking at serious combination potential for an Avengers film.
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