Either out of fear of what others would do with the virtual real estate, or because she thinks he daughter is going to be some sort of coding prodigy, Angelina Jolie has reportedly registered not one, not two, but 24 domain names that somehow involve the wildly pretentious name of little Shiloh Nouvel. Want to put up a suricruise.com-style (I know it's down. Either the scientologists got them or they exceeded their bandwidth -- a countdown to Suri's 18th birthday will do that.) tribute page of your own? Well, you're going to have to come up with a domain that's not, say, shilohpitt.com, or shilonouveljoliepitt.com, or shilohjolie.com ... you get the idea. (I'd recommend newmessiah.com -- maybe she missed that one.)

I can't wait to see what goes up on these sites -- I bet Suri Shiloh is going to be a great humanitarian before she can even crawl, linking visitors to any number of noble causes. She is, after all, both Jolie's daughter and, you know, a messiah. How can she not be perfect?
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