Man, if you thought all EnnioMorricone did was sit around and compose amazing movie scores, you were dead wrong. Last summer he was busy with a tour (complete with massive orchestra and choir), conducting performances of his music from Italy to South Korea, and it seems he's preparing to hit the road again in just a matter of weeks. This time, the composer (who, by the way, is 77-years-old and shows no signs of slowing down) will be conducting Milan's legendary La Scala orchestra on an international tour, during which they will perform a program based on his film scores. According to Variety, the tour kicks off in Italy at the end of July, and plans include stops in a series of European cities this fall, as well as New York (Yay!) and LA.

Whether you're a fan of orchestral music or not, the opportunity to see a world-class company performing the theme from A Fistful of Dollars is too wonderful to pass up. (Assuming, of course, that tickets don't cost $200 or something equally absurd. If that's the case, standing outside the venue might have to suffice.)
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