Hot on the heels of the Die Hard 4.0 (What is with these idiotic, vaguely software-looking numbers in movie titles? Who thinks that's a good idea?) script review that Erik told us about yesterday comes a bit of muttering about the movie's cast. A tipster to entertainment site Cinescape who claims to be auditioning for a part in the movie says he's been told by his agent that one Scott Speedman has been cast as the movie's main evil web nerd villain. You know, the guy who played really sweet, semi-pathetic Ben on Felicity? And the sort of pathetic vampire/werewolf thing in Underworld? That Scott Speedman.

As commenters at Cinescape point out, the guy hasn't exactly proved that he's got the magnetism and charisma necessary to be an effective villain, particularly when he's going to be compared to the gleefully evilgeniuses who came before him in the series. I have to admit that I like watching Speedman but, friends, extreme prettiness does not a convincing villain make. ...

[via JoBlo]
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