Does Richard Linklater ever take a break? The Austin filmmaker seems to prefer to line up his film projects one after another, or even overlapping. Earlier this week, Linklater announced he's working on a new feature film, Chesney, one of the Chet Baker biopics. Now the latest news is that he's been producing a documentary about the University of Texas baseball team.

Although the Texas Longhorns have won six national college baseball championships over the years, the team has never won consecutive championships. That might change this year, depending on the team's showing in the NCAA regional tournament currently taking place in Austin. Linklater was interested in the team's recent efforts to win back-to-back championships, which will be the focus of the documentary. Linklater's crew has been filming the team for the past seven months. No one is certain where the film might eventually play -- PBS, cable, or theaters -- and the fate of the movie may rest in the fate of the Longhorns in upcoming games.

[via Matt Dentler's Blog]
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