As The Da Vinci Code continues to pull in piles of money around the world, the controversy about its content refuses to die and reports of further bannings continue to trickle in. The latest news comes from Pakistan where, though the country is approximately 97% Muslim, the government has decided to ban the movie out of respect for the nation's Christian minority. According to the country's minister of culture, the fact that his own religion isn't mistreated in the movie isn't the issue. In fact, he said, "Islam teaches us to respect all prophets of Allah mighty, and degradation of any prophet is tantamount to defamation of the rest."

Additionally, the movie has been banned in five Indian states for fear it would cause unrest. Though, as with Pakistan, Christians make up a very small minority of the country's total population (less than 2%, according to Variety), there are states in which they are the majority, and several of those states experienced protests prior to the film's planned release. Though the rest of India -- including a handful of states in which Christians make up a large percentage of the population -- is flocking to see the movie (albeit with a "THIS IS FICTION" disclaimer), it cannot be seen in Punjab, Nagaland, Meghalaya, Andra Pradesh or Tamil Nadu.
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