Apparently the MTV Movie Awards happened last night -- who knew? (I didn't even know MTV showed anything that wasn't a car-wreck-tastic reality show about scary rich girls anymore.) It turns out, shockingly, that MTV viewers are among the 30 zillion Americans who saw and dug Wedding Crashers, so they voted it best movie, named stars Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson (AKA Wilson #2) best on-screen team, and gave Isla Fisher the award for breakthrough performance. Another big winner was Jake Gyllenhaal who, in addition to taking home the best dramatic performance award, shared the best kiss golden popcorn with Heath Ledger. (Has a same-sex kiss ever been up for anything at MTV and not won? Those crazy kids love their gay macking.)

In addition, the ceremony honored Jim Carrey with the MTV Generation Award, whatever that is. Needless to say, he did something annoying when he accepted it (he "took the stage with a cadre of winged angels and performed a spontaneous hip-shaking jig"), though he surely thought it was utterly hilarious. Joining in the crazy fun was poor Spike Lee, who took home the Silver Bucket of Excellence for Do the Right Thing, "a movie from the past that has present-day resonance." While I am fully in favor of lauding Do the Right Thing, the MTV Movie Awards is a rather odd venue for addressing racial tension -- I'm sure Lee's acceptance speech fit in perfectly between Carey's pelvis and Christina Aguilera's half-naked torso.

For those of you who can't get enough of this sort of thing (or who want to look at Jessica Alba -- she's hosting, you know), the show airs Thursday at 830pm eastern time.