One of the great things about film festivals is that, every now and again, you'll stumble upon a great little film made for next to no money; The Puffy Chair is just such a film. Directed by Jay Duplass and written by (and starring) his brother Mark, The Puffy Chair is a low-budget indie flick, but sharp dialogue, smart filmmaking and real characters make for a fun, quirky ride through the turmoil a road trip puts on an already shaky relationship. At the heart of the story are Josh, a 20-something musician who has given up playing with his band for the (relatively speaking) more stable life of a booking manager, and his long-time girlfriend, Emily (Kathryn Aselton). Josh (Mark Duplass) finds a purple recliner on the internet -- the puffy chair of the title -- that's just like the chair his dad had when he was a kid. He buys the chair through eBay, with the intent of taking a solitary road trip to pick the chair up and deliver it to his dad for his birthday.

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