There have been mutterings about a live-action Speed Racer movie forever, with stars ranging from Johnny Depp (as Speed) to Vince Vaughn (as that cartoon super-stud, Racer X), and directors from Hype Williams to Gus Van Sant to Alfonso Cuarón. Nothing, however, has moved on the project since 2004, when Vaughn sold his pitch for the movie to Warner Brothers, who seem to have put it in a drawer and forgotten all about it. Now, however, comes a rumor that is sure to reawaken the series' drowsing fans: Word is that Larry and Andy Wachowskimay write and direct the movie. Um, holy crap. Just on visual style alone, this is a potentially awesome idea. Plus, the Wachowskis could probably be counted on to tap into the seriously weird darkness of Racer X, which would push the movie to an entirely different level of coolness. (Yes, I watched the show entirely for Racer X. Sue me.)

Needless to say, reps for both the Wachowskis and Vaughn (If this is for real, what happens to his movie?) were either unavailable or refused to comment on the rumor.
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