Yippee!  We can finally add, "The Naked Gun ... Literally" to O.J. Simpson's IMDB website.  Rumors are swirling around the acquitted homicidal maniac and his alleged appearance in a 25 minute sex romp with two female "co-stars" (that O.J., he just loves doing things in twos).  Simpson's lawyer, Yale Galanter (Harvard Galanter was unavailable) claims that, "while my client may appear fully clothed in portions of the tape, the man having sex is an imposter."  Mark Fuhrman strikes again!  That man will stop at NOTHING to besmirch O.J.'s good name. The man selling the video insists that it is 100% O.J. and urges people to make up their own mind.  Amen!  And let's not forget, "if it don't fit, you must acquit".


Mia Farrow is behind Angelina Jolie 100%.  Farrow has ten adopted children of her own and commends Jolie for her dedication to charity work .The Rosemary's Baby star said: "I don't know if Angelina even knows my name, but I do think she's absolutely lovely and her good heart is there for all to see." Oh yeah, and John Hinckley Jr. has never heard of Jodie Foster.Come ON, Mia! Lose the false modesty – you are probably her do-gooding role model.Let's just hope that Brad Pitt turns out to be a little more fatherly and a little less husbandly than Woody Allen.