This morning's Variety contains further news of Hollywood's pursuit of the elusive Latin market, a rapidly-growing community that has never been successfully targeted by American studios. Lionsgate has been most aggressive about going after Spanish-speaking viewers (though the first offering from their new dedicated arm didn't do great business), but Disney also has an eye on the Latin market, which they go after with English-language projects. In addition to television's George Lopez, Disney is now planning a Latin-oriented feature starring Wilmer Valderrama and the impossibly awesome John Leguizamo.

The film, entitled Something Blue, is described as a family comedy that "revolves around a father who becomes unhinged when his first-born daughter gets engaged to a young police officer." And I was about to write that I was unsure who Leguizamo would play (assuming Valderrama is the fiance), since there's no way he's old enough to have a daughter of marrying age. Then I checked the IMDb, and discovered that he's 42-years-old. 42! How is that possible? My lord. Ok, I'll deal with this one my own later, but I think it's safe to say he's going to play the dad. Wow.

While I'm not necessarily a big fan of family comedies, the idea of Leguizamo taking his rage out on Wilmer Valderrama strikes me as a nearly irresistible one. I'm not in your target audience, Disney, but my butt will be in a seat for this one.
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