I know she's got a number of fans out there, but does Emma Frost really need her own movie? I'll admit right up front my opinion is biased because I hate the character with a burning passion -- but seriously, even for you Frost fans, aren't there a bunch of other heroes more deserving of their own films? Hutch Parker, the production president over at Fox has indicated interest in an Emma Frost flick, which would add to their slate of sequels and prequels to spin off of the main X-Menfranchise. David O. Russell (the Three KingsGuy) is a hopeful director.


I suppose now that Jean has officially died in Marvel movie canon (although we all know the Phoenix never truly dies) they could swing Emma into a love story with Scott for her movie. Or maybe a Hellions flick? That might be rather fun. I suppose they could even turn it into a Gen X film, but we'd be looking at a bigger "main cast" for those two, so it's probably more likely we'd see a solo Frost project. What aspect of the White Queen's story would you like to see get the movie treatment?
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