Whether you like day-and-date releasing or not, it's hard to argue that the approach isn't leading to the acquisition of films that might otherwise be ignored by American distributors. For example, a couple of weeks ago IFC picked up the rights to Destricted, an artsy porn flick generally thought to be both un-promotable and un-releasable in the US. And while it's not bought any porn since then, IFC is continuing to add niche films to their stable of releases: They recently acquired US rights to a pair of films from Argentina, and will release both in theaters and on cable via their First Take arm (though no dates have yet been announced).

The first, Derecho de familia (Variety gives it two different English translations, so we'll just stick with the Spanish for now), is the third in a trilogy about fatherhood from director Daniel Burman (and, no, he other two weren't released in the US) and "revolves around a thirtysomething man and his roles as father and son." The second acquisition is a crime thriller entitled The Aura, about "a shy taxidermist who secretly dreams of executing the perfect robbery," and gets to live his dream when he takes over the armored-car robbery that had been planned by a man he accidentally kills. Got that? Based only on this French trailer (and a great review in Variety, from the film's screening last year at the San Sebastian Film Festival), it looks dark and intense and awesome -- thank you, IFC.
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