Remember how absurd it sounded when Jamie Foxx was cast as Ray Charles? Well, prepare yourself for another outrageous announcement: Foxx is said to be starring as Bob Marley in a biopic directed by Oscar-nominee Rachid Bouchareb (Dust of Life). The film was conceived by Bob's widow, Rita, and Bourchareb says that he wants to show the reggae icon's life from childhood (he didn't lose a brother, did he?) through to his young adulthood and interest in Africa.

I feel pretty good about this film being made by the Algerian-born Bouchareb and after Ray, I also feel pretty good about Foxx. He doesn't really look like the singer, and imagining him in dreadlocks only makes me think of In Living Colorsketches, but he might just be able to pull it off. I'm someone who doesn't mind departing from literal and identical portrayals of famous people, though -- I'd rather the actor play the character in the movie, not try to be a definitive representation of the real person. Then again, it is hard not to associate some singers with the actor who played him or her: Kilmer as Morrison, Busey as Holly, Spacek as LynnJ.Lo as Selena, Cagney as Cohan.

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