Someone with too much time on their hands a delightfully inquisitive mind recently (and allegedly) did a little poking around in the MPAA's registry of titles and discovered that snakes may soon be taking over a lot more than just a single plane. According to a tipster to Snakes on a Blog, several titles for a potential sequel to everyone's favorite unreleased movie -- ranging from the boring (Snakes on a Plane 2?! Please.) to the absurdly great (Snakes in Space!) -- have already been registered with the MPAA. You know, just in case installment one makes zillions of dollars and the studio immediately needs to get six more similarly-themed movies into production.

Clearly, the potential for a series here is endless. I mean, where can snakes not go? It doesn't have to be limited to vehicles -- why not, say, Snakes in the Pantry? Or Snakes at Barney's? Ooooh and just imagine where the porn industry is going to go with this one!

[via Box Office Blog]
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