I'm not much of a comic book guy, really. I did have an ample stack of Iron Man, Green Lantern, and Hulk comics when I was about 12, but my dad threw 'em all out one day -- along with a Mad Magazine collection that would probably be worth about two grand today. (To be fair, dad was the one who bought me my very first VCR, so I was able to forgive him ... eventually.) I mention my lack of knowledge regarding comics as a preface to the following statement: I went to a comic book convention yesterday.

This weekend marks Wizard World's annual stop in Philadelphia, so when a publicist pal of mine called up and asked if I'd like to cover the event, I figured heywhynot. His response was "Ah, cool. Come see me at the Lionsgate booth and we'll walk around and get some lunch and see Kevin Smith's Q&A and then watch a sneak peek of the new Stephen King mini-series." Whoa. So the fact that I'm pretty much a comic book know-nothing (except where the movie versions are concerned) didn't seem to matter all that much.
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